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Good to See you, I am Susil Bhue

I believe when you travel around the world,  there is no other way to connect with local people than through food. 

No matter which country are you from, which community you belong too, wherever you go there is one thing in common 'Food'. Food is always is a part of our lives. No matter who you are a man or an animal you need food, no just food a delicious one. 

Travel Food India blog is about Travel and Food- I will be sharing my experience through this blog. It's good to capture your experience and memories in the form of Video or writing blogs. I make YouTube videos (Official Channel) regarding local authentic food and travel videos. 

What is Travel Food India

TravelFoodIndia.Com is a Travel & Food blog where you can find lots of amazing information and interesting videos on local authentic food and travel vlogs. TravelFoodIndia give you the flexibility to understand one's culture and food simultaneously you will watch the Travel vlogs on YouTube

I will be covering many things in this blog starting from Travel video to explore authentic local food. so stay tuned. 

About Author

Travel Food India Author

Hello, My Friends!

This is Susil Bhue a lover of local authentic food and an explorer. I love to eat delicious food, I like to travel around the world. When I was a kid I was thinking about traveling, I used to ask my parents to visit new places. No matter it is the holiday or working day I just love to explore. 

I used to watch a lot of travel video on Television also used to read many travel magazines. When I was 16 years old my passions for food and travel merely increases to a higher level. 

Then I started concentrating on my study and simultaneously traveling different small location around my locality.  

In 2013 I started full-time Travelling around the country and try to capture the view of the destination and started write blogs.

Now I make Video of travel and local food.

Also, I have done some Eating show.  

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